Integrator(TM) MJS32 Overview

The MJS32 system consists of two modules:

Data Communication Module

This module, mjswin.exe, is the program that collects data from the Intelligence Analyzer on each MJS, MTS, or MVS machine. There will be one of these modules running for each serial port in use by the system.

The port being used by the module is indicated in the title bar for the window. In the example above, port 1 is in use. In the example below, port 2 is in use.

This program collects data from the Intelligence Analyzer on each machine and stores it in a file for use by the report module. As shown in the example above, the shift data file currently being written to is J9802201.S00. The shift data file names are based on the shift and the date during which the files were created. In this example the date is 2/20/98 and the shift is 1.

The filename explanation is shown below.


Year: 1998


Month: February


Day: 20th


Shift: 1