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Jim White & Associates originated in 1983 as White Software, Inc.   The company developed some of the first production monitoring software using the IBM PC and sold systems to most of the textile manufacturers in the US.  In 1989 the company was sold to AB Carter, Inc. of Gastonia, NC.   Jim White later bought back the non-compete agreement from AB Carter, Inc. and started Jim White & Associates in 1997 after obtaining an exclusive agreement from Murata of America, Inc. to provide monitoring software for their air jet spinning equipment.  The Fabric Inspection and Optimization system was developed in 2000 and an agreement was made with Uster Technologies of Switzerland to provide cut optimization and reporting for the Uster Fabriscan fabric defect detection system.  In 2005 a similar agreement was made to provide supporting software for the Elbit Vision System of Israel.  Fabric inspection, cut optimization, cutting and packaging continues to be a major business with installations around the world. With the decline of the US textile industry the wireless monitoring and control systems that the company developed for manufacturing were transferred to the monitoring and control of aquaculture production.  Integrator Aqua Systems, Inc. was formed in 1999 to manufacture and market the solar powered wireless oxygen monitoring buoys and controllers.  The company was the largest of its kind in the US and was sold in 2009 to In- Situ, Inc. of Fort Collins, CO.  The products and systems continue to be manufactured and sold by In-Situ. (www.in-situ.com) Jim White & Associates continues to operate with emphasis on creating systems that effectively and economically meet the customer’s needs.  Contact: Jim White                                                         John Hightower 704-907-2059    704-819-7141 jwassoc@sprynet.com    john_hightower@yahoo.com
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